Galaxy S5 Hard Case (Revised)


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A hard case designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy S5. I designed this base for creating designer cases for a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. I print my cases at 0.1 mm layer, Shell thickness 0.8, Bottom/ Top thickness 0.8 mm, With Supports, (ABS or PLA) Design samples that I have created using this model as the base are also supplied. Updates: 04/02/2014 - Shifted the locations of the power and volume button slots so they should be more centered on the buttons. Made the depth of the case a little shorter (i.e. from 11 mm to 10.95 mm). A Test print stl also included so that you can check the fit without wasting too much material. All Older .stl files can be found in the zip archive. 17/01/2014 - Uploaded two additional cases based on the base case. These two are also plain and hex patterned with the sides, top and bottom exposed for those who desire a minimalist type case. Giving total access to the power and volume buttons as well as removing the top edge that may interfere with user's ability to swipe.

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