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Here's a video of me explaining the tee... Here's a Golf Mutli-Tool (Divot Tool, Bottle Opener, Ball Marker holder, Key chain) I made with custom ball markers." This is a golf tee I designed to actually be a good tee... I tried my best to leave as little surface contact with the tee and the ball (I even did math) ... I accomplished low surface contact/friction, while still keeping the ball on the tee without it falling off - it's actually quite stable on the tee... I also angled the crown so that when a driver is about to strike the ball - it will always hit the ball before the tee... This is a very low friction design and I believe it will actually be a good golfing tee... It is actually pretty strong and should stand up to a few drives... Maybe even a entire 18 holes (unless, of course, you forget to pick it up... Just .print the tee with a lot of shells - like 5-7... It will be very strong if your add a lot of shells. It should take between 25-60 minutes to print depending on your settings... So try it out and tell me what you think... Enjoy!!!

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