Two Colour(Color) Spiral Cup

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An updated version of the spiral cup for those of you lucky enough to be able to print in stereo 3D! You could print it in red and blue and fill with silver (or white) starts for US based patriotic occasions. see: for stars - scale at 50%. imprint your phone number or a stick a QRCode on the back of each star as a hand out, or fill with star shaped candies/mints. Or maybe print in Silver and Gold... Note for "would be" stereo STL generators: I originally uploaded the base and top STL files after generating them using OpenSCAD. It quickly occurred to me that I hadn't thought about any overlapping regions between the two STLs. In the original combined STL, any overlapping objects in the scene would automatically become union-ed. But, in a two colour print, these areas would have both materials dispensed. I revised the base STL by subtracting (difference) the top STL from it prior to uploading. so, instead of: pencilCup(true); in one STL and pencilCup(false); in the other. I should have used: pencilCup(true); in one STL and difference() { pencilCup(false); pencilCup(true); } in the other.

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