Spiral Ribbed Vase


Watertight Vase By that I mean this part will hold real water and not leak. I have printed several vase-like parts before, and they all leaked when I put water in them. This makes such parts far less useful than if they were water tight. This part has double walls - not counting the spiral ribs which are really just decoration - and each wall is made with 4 loops. The bottom is also double walled with each surface made with 4 layers. The second photo shows what a layer height of 0.300 mm looks like. Normally I use 0.200 mm, but I wanted to see if increasing this as a way to reduce total print time would be OK. The final result is not as good as 0.200 mm, but I still think it is acceptable. I used Craftware to slice the part, after running the original STL file through 3D Builder to correct errors. Total print time for this part was 11 hours 11 minutes.

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