BK117-C2 Long Drive Shaft Bearing Tool

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Updated 06/01/2015, This tool is used for installing the bearings onto the Long Drive Shaft of a BK117-C2 Helicopter. This tool will help you get the bearings past the two rivet rows. Please see Instructions for pertinent information. Update 6/01/15 *I finished printing the latest version in Alloy 910. It also was tested and found to work. No other changes are needed. Update 5/28/15 *The original version was tested and found to work. I made some minor changes after the test. The changes are, 1) Optimized the depth of the tool and added a solid end stop at the bottom. 2) The six rivet slots have been slightly widen and their depth adjusted. These changes are minor. The original version worked well. So if you printed the first version, then you are good to go. NOTE The original version is no longer available. The latest version has been uploaded and is in the file section. Created with https://www.onshape.com

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