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I designed this Electric Guitar body to be printed on an Ultimaker 2 and be assembled without the need for glue, and used the electronics and neck of an old guitar to complete the project. The center pieces were printed with 40% infill to give it more strenght and the rest were printed with 15%, all at layer thickness of .2mm. It took about 73 hours to print and 1.5 kgs of PLA. 

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Right body 2.stl
174 KB
electronics cap top.stl
119 KB
Center 1.stl
222 KB
Right body 3.stl
71 KB
137 KB
Center 2.stl
243 KB
electronics cap bottom.stl
70.6 KB
Left body 1.stl
168 KB
Left body 2.stl
156 KB
Right body 1.stl
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