Chest Mount Harness for GoPro cameras

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Chest Mount Harness to use with you GoPro camera. I use a Hero 3 so i´m not sure how it will fit newer cameras like Hero 4.

The Harenss Lock might be a bit bulky and maybe not the most clever solution but it works and i´m sure someone can come up with a great replacement!

If you are thinking of using this it´s important to consider the conditions where you are about to use the mount. High or low temperatures for example can affect the durability of such a mount to the extent that it can break.

Unfortunately there are so many variables that affects the quality of a print so i think it´s also important to say that if you use this mount it´s at your own risk. If unsure maybe it´s better to just buy one in the store.

You need to 3D Print the following pieces:

3 pcs Adjustment Buckle

1 pcs Back Buckle

1 pcs Chest Mount

1 pcs Harness Lock Part 1

1 pcs Harness Lock Part 2

And you need to buy:

Approx 1,5 metres 50mm Nylon Webbing (I used about 1,5 meter, but of course that may vary depending of your size)

Hopefully you can figure out how to put it together according to the pictures. =)

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Adjustment Buckle.stl
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Back Buckle.stl
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Chest Mount.stl
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Harness Lock_Part_1.stl
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Harness Lock_Part_2.stl
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