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The Sai is a traditional Japanese melee weapon. The form of the weapon is of a blunted, prong shaped metal baton, with two curved prongs (yoku) projecting from the handle (tsuka). There are many different types of sai with varying prongs for trapping and blocking. This one is a re-imagining of the Sai as a set of cyberpunk / futuristic inspired weapon.

I tried to maintain the proportions as accurate as possible while giving it a makeover. They are printed in parts and you can print either one, or both. The black Sai has the Kanji for death, while the white Sai has a Kanji for life.

I've also created a 2 pillar support for them, which can be glued to a board to maintain them in style.

They are divided in several parts for ease of printing:

  • Adornment which will be placed (you should use glue) on the start of the handle.

  • Blade 1 & 2. There's also a full version, but I would recommend printing them separately and then gluing them together. I recommend printing them horizontally with support.

  • Handle. The main part of the handle. You should print this vertically with a lot of brim, or raft if needed, to maintain stability.

  • Mid. This is where the prongs and the center piece come together. The handle will be slotted into this, as well as the blades. For safety, you should glue them as well, although they can stand fine without it. You should print it vertically with support.

For the painting: I've used some UV painting for some details, so that they are bright under a UV light. The rest of the painting is done with acrylic paints.

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