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"SARVESHWARA" is a multifunctional stand . we can use this for any propose like pen holder , smartphone speaker stand etc. mainly it has 5 functions which is              1.sarveshwara smart phone speaker stand : - its a  smart phone speaker stand    .if you have a smart phone which has speaker at below side of the body ( like i phones) then its best for you              2. sarveshwara pen holder : -it can hold 8 pens or pencils            3.sarveshwara ear phone stand :- its provide a good space to put your ear phones safely 4.sarveshwara paper holder          5. sarveshwra drawer function:- you can put any small things in it like sim card , memory card etc. so all these functions are combined in a single small box ( SARVESHWARA multifunctional stand ) ..... :)



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