Weight Lift Bench

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This is printed on a Zortrax M200 with 0.19 layers. Many parts needs support. Long rods i printed in a stack off eight and i used the best ones. Video in Swedish: Here

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Bench bottom.zip/Bench bottom.STL
181 KB
Bench bottom.zip/Big weights_2p.STL
548 KB
Bench bottom.zip/Foot rest.STL
1.39 MB
Bench bottom.zip/Lock.STL
70 KB
Bench bottom.zip/Long rods.STL
57.9 KB
Bench bottom.zip/Rack.STL
244 KB
Bench bottom.zip/Rod ends_2p.STL
174 KB
Bench bottom.zip/Saefty rack bottom_2p.STL
10 KB
Bench bottom.zip/Saefty rack top_2p.STL
10.6 KB
Bench bottom.zip/Small weights_2p.STL
210 KB
Bench bottom.zip/Bed.STL
216 KB


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