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Terrified of the cosmic horrors lurking in the shadowy recesses of your bedroom, bunkhouse, or boudoir? Does the prospect of falling prey to Lovecraftian monstrosities in the dead of night sound unappealing to you? Do your brain-stuffs swell to the point of bursting trying to comprehend the unfathomable evil that besieges the material realm from the stygian void beyond time and space? Well worry no more, because the Elder Sign Nightlight is here to give you the sweet, sanity replenishing sleep you've been needing since you first opened the tome of unspeakable secrets you purchased at that Marrakesh trading post!

Emblazoned with the iconic protective sigil that keeps the Old Ones at bay, this 3D printable talisman is sized to fit a Night Ize Spotlit LED keychain (just remove the LED from the keychain portion), though any small light should work. Print the two parts in translucent filament and they'll fit together without need of glue, allowing easy access to the light when it comes time to change the battery.


DISCLAIMER: Failing to print with ideal specifications may lead to WRONG ANGLES.

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