TS-80 carrying case (Pocket size)

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My take on the TS80 carrying case. Its layout is inspired by several other designs I saw on the web.


  • Tiny: Length: 111.5 mm (4.4') Width: 53.5 mm (2.1') Height: 20 mm (0.79')

  • Prints as one piece! (integral conical hinges)

  • Holds TS-80 iron (with both stock and my custom grip collar) and two soldering cartridges

  • Positive lock snap-fit to prevent contents falling out

  • Holes for 3mm cylindrical magnets in the corners for

When I got my TS-80 I immediately found that I don't want to just toss it somehwere when carrying around. It is too nice for that. Also, I found that I would often switch between D25 and B02 soldering tips for various tasks, so I would like to be carrying both of these together with the iron. When browsing the internet for some box designs, I recall finding a few with a somewhat similar layout to this, but each had some flaws (too large, poor fit, too many parts) so I eventually decided to spend a prohibitive amount of time designing (first modeling the iron itself) my own version.

The fit is tuned for 0.4 mm nozzle on Prusa i3, printed with 0.2 mm layer height.

It works perfect :)

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