School of Fishies By LeHof

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These cute characters are part of LeHof's school of fishies. Each with their own adorable personality. Snorkel Fish is quite confused thinking that he needs to wear a snorkel in order to breathe under water, as he once saw a human doing a similar thing.Gamer fish doesn't like to socialise all that much. He spends most of his time "owning newbs" on his computer. DJ Fish is quite the opposite, he tends to be the life of the party pumping his original tracks at every chance he can get. Sir fish is the sophisticated one of the bunch (or so he thinks), he grew up in the same pond as the others, but seems to have acquired an accent of a far off place he has never visited. Baby fish is the child that never grew up, though the same age as the others tends to be quiet, reserved and needs to be babied by the other fish. LeFishy is relatively normal compared to his counterparts, therefore is the unwritten leader of the group.

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