Anet A8 linear Rail Update

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Anet A8 linear Rail Update This is one of the most usefull thing to do in your Anet A8, because many things:

  • The improvement of the layer due to vibrations.
  • The lower noise when the rail move.
  • The structural improvement.
  • Increase the printing speed.

All the parts were designed in solidworks 2018, upload in this page. But if you need another type of file tell me and I will try to help you.


1xLinear Rail 350mm MGN12H

1x2020 Aluminum Profile

8xNut Fasten Connector 2020 Aluminum Extrusion

8xM3x6mm Alloy Steel Screws

This update it is vey simple to make in your Anet A8 because the only thing that you need todo is print this parts and change the x axes fron your Anet A8. In may printer also I update the y axes and the exterior frame and the result is amazing for few dollars. Befor this update all the time I wasted time in calibration axes but now nothng at all.

When I print parts thar involve mechanics I like print it with 2 walls and minimun 10% infill after that I paint this pieces with 2 applications. The paint give to the piece a better behaviour again temperature and water hunidity absortion.

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Anet A8 hotend v1.STL
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XSN-04 Inductive sensor v2.STL
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