Coleman Folding Chair Beefy Parts

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These parts have a thicker baser and and thicker dimensions to hold up to the stress.  I recommend at least PETG filament with 6 perimeters, if not solid.  You can print them in PLA, but the outdoors will degrade them.  But since you can always print more... eh.  Depending on your printer you may want to use supports on the Mid Right and Mid Left parts.  I didn't need them printing on a Prusa MK3s.

For a full chair replacement parts, print the following amounts:

  • 2 mid back
  • 4 foot
  • 1 mid left
  • 1 mid right


Use 4mm screws, washers with nylon nuts for mounting.  Stainless works best to stand up to the weather


  • thicker base on all parts
  • thicker cross bracing
  • raised base in hole so back rods are supported
  • thicker base where front cross rods are supported
  • gussets and at all right angle connections

Design Files

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mid back-v2.stl
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mid right-v2.stl
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mid left-v2.stl
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