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Fireplace (with fire)

This fireplace model has been created using SketchUp. The original .skp file is included for those who want to make changes. 

It includes:

1. A hollow flames-and-woodblock model, that is to be printed using a transparent material. You can choose a transparent resin for that on your SLA / DLP printer or a transparant PLA on your FDM printer. 

2. A backdrop of the fire resistant back wall of the fireplace, stained with soot, to be printed on a color (inkjet) printer on thick paper and cut out and glued to the back wall of the fireplace.

The idea is to put 2 or 3  flickering leds inside the flames and to color the lower part of the flames black (wood blocks / charcoal).  Link to leds used:

Happy printing! Tinkerman

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FIREPLACE (one-piece).stl
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FIRE with support (for SLA printing w transparant resin).stl
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FIRE (for SLA printing w transparant resin).stl
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