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Armie is a 3D printed hands-free handle, designed to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. The virus is said to live on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours, within that time many people may have touched the handles of the drawers or doors in your place of work. Armie promotes people to use their arms to open doors, as the user is less likely to transmit the virus using this method.

The device is designed to fit on most handle profiles, however, we are aware it may not fit onto all handles. Armie requires a minimum of two cable ties to successfully secure the 3D print to the handle. There is a left and right-hand version of the Armie, please print according to which side of the door your handle is situated. Installation instructions on how to install Armie can be found within the project folder.

Together we can help prevent the spreading of COVID-19. Please get in touch if you have any feedback regarding the design or how it could be improved.

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