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A) For personal use only.

- selling or sharing of STL / digital files is prohibited

- sharing of download link is prohibited

- sharing, molding & casting of prints is prohibited

- altering my digital sculpt & calling it as yours is prohibited (slice & scale is ok)

- using my digital sculpts or part of it to make new content is prohibited

- sharing of promo code is prohibited

please support & respect the artist, thank you :)

B) if you want to sell prints, you must subscribe to my Patreon:

- subscribing to Porkchop tier permits you to sell the prints (only), for as long as you're a subscriber

- you lost the ability to sell prints if you unsubscribe or no longer a patron

C) please credit the artist & link the page, whenever you share photos or videos of your prints. doing this helps the artist greatly.. thank you

D) sample print details:

printer: Creality Ender-3 (FDM)

nozzle: 0.4-mm stack

filament: PLA (from Creality, no brand)

profile: dynamic profile preset (only changed layer height)

layer height: .15mm

support: tree

model scaled up to 150%

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