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These are hard days for all and for overall, for the sanitary staff in the hospitals, nursing home, clinics, cleaner, and everyone who contributed to minimize the effects of this devastator virus.

Today the material used to protect to this persons are vital. But unfortunately, no enough quantity of material is available for all. For that reason, makers in different places of the globe are working to provide with their 3D printers the appreciated material which is necessary to protect to these heroes.

And this is my contribution. The goggles can help to protect to the people again splashes from infected people. The 3D components of the goggles form the frame. The lens (1mm thickness) should be manufacture with transparent material like PC or PVC. The flexible PVC allow to cut it manually. The best solution might be to cut with laser machine a PC sheet.

After printing process, clean the models of the material support, deburr material excess, etc, that can appear inside the groove areas. The assembly is based on a tight fix. Therefore be sure that elements to join are cleaned.

The eva sheet is a special foam that it will glue with cianoacrilato giving protection against chafing on nose and forehead. The pieces to cut are provide in one of the picture.

For the belt, use a elastic 20mm wide.


STLs  files have been provide. Some print instructions are in the images.

Use the STLs to print. The 'covid19-goggles-glass.stl' allows to print a template to cut manually the lens if you are going to manufacture it with a transparent material which allows to cut it like flexible PVC.

Machine: Prusa I3 MK3S Material: Prusament PETG orange. Plate: Textured PEI. Software: Cura

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