Coppa dell'Amicizia - Friendship's Cup

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This is a traditional cup from the region of Aosta Valley (, North-West of Italy. Generally made out of wood, but also ceramic, it is used to drink the traditional "Caffè alla Valdostana" (Aostan Coffee), an alcoholic beverage brewed with coffee, grappa, genepy, dried cloves, orange zest, cinnamon and sugar. Once poured into the cup, sugar is put around the opening and soaked with grappa, then fire is set, in order to burn it dark and sticky. Then the cup is closed with the top, that will stick to the body of the cup. Each friend drinks from a different nozzle, and the cup shall be passed around and never touch the table unless it is empty. The top is decorated with an edelweiss, as it is tradition :) Pouring hot coffee mixed with alcohol in a plastic printed cup is NOT a good idea. This is intended as a decorative item, unless you print it in a heat and alcohol resistent material.

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