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Her nickname is 'Black swan'. She's a famous rogue with a big reward on her head. But it's a bad day... she was blocked in a dead end in the downtown of the city. The city guards want the reward and are trying to catch her : " put your swords on the floor and you will stay alive, or we will take them from your cold hands" shouts the captain of the guard. A cold sweat running down his neck because she is known as a great fighter... Her back against a wall, she slowly turns her head toward the mens who understand that it is too late to turn back. "Who will be the first to die trying to do that ?" she whispers ...A panic seized the guards as she moved slowly towards them, leaving drag the tips of his swords in the dust of the road ... no one has never seen again the guards of the sector after that ... (recommanded parameters : 0.2mm layer, 10% infill ,truly Optimized for FDM printers - No support Needed )

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