Cristiano Ronaldo Siiii

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Hello guys!

I have just created the world's best footballer "Cristiano Ronaldo" figurine goal celebrating version. 

If you use FDM printer, please increase support density for printing.  However, you can print his arms separately and attache together.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

Design Files

File Size

CR7 pant.stl
1.47 MB
CR7 si legs.stl
3.39 MB
Ronaldo si full (repaired).stl
45.6 MB
CR7 si body.STL
10.2 MB
Cr7 L arm.STL
3.27 MB
Cr7 R arm.STL
3.27 MB
CR7 si head.STL
24.1 MB
CR7 no arms.STL
37.8 MB


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