Toilet Paper Roll

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Don't run out of toilet paper during Coronavirus (COVID-19)!

Avoid the queues, the lineups and the inflated Ebay prices - now you can 3D print as many rolls of toilet paper as you need! Print them large, print them small, carry a roll with you everywhere you go.

Divide them amongst your family members, share them with your neighbours, be generous and take a few spares to work - we're all in this together during Coronavirus 2020.

Collect them all: 1. Hotel Triangle: For a touch of class and those 5-star vibes. 2. Hanging Square: Fully stocked and ready to go. 3. Neat Perf: The clean-cut toilet roll. 4. Half: Nervous times, time to print some more. 5. Last Square: Oh dear....

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Toilet Paper Roll - Neat Perf.STL
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Toilet Paper Roll - Half.STL
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Toilet Paper Roll - Hanging Square.STL
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Toilet Paper Roll - Last Square.STL
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Toilet Paper Roll - Hotel Triangle.STL
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