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I had enough of the mess on my desk, so I made a huge size organizer for 3D printing, designed to store everything in one place.

This comes in 4 variants:

  • Large - the one I've printed for myself, huge capacity
  • Half - same layout as the large one, just half the slots. It's much more compact, light and faster to print.
  • Half, no backslot - same size as 2), but has no backslot. Weight is reduced if you really don't want that slot.
  • No backslot alternative version - changed layout of 3). Offers bigger front raft.
  • Print settings:

    For large one I used 0.8 nozzle with 0.6 layer height, 30% infill. It took about 12 hours to print with these settings and it consumed ~470g of filament. I used Devil Design PETG - transparent. Very happy how it turned out, also the grid pattern with this infill on transparent filament gives it quite unique appearance.

    For the large version it's recommended to print with at least 0.3 layer height. 0.2 is still doable, but it will just take long time to finish.

    For compact versions layer height of 0,2 and above should work.

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