bigtreetech TFT35 E3 V3.0

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This is my attempt to make case for BigTreeTech TFT35 e3 v3.0 display.

There are accessible SD card slot, USB port, EXT1 & EXT2 ports and TFT port.

Reset button works pefekt.

Mount is 20mm wide, so it fits almost any aluminium profile used to build printer frame. You can use it on 2020, 2040, 3030 or any profile with at least 5mm wide slot.

Hardware used: 4x M3x16 HEX head screw - main case screws case - not needed if you don't need extreme stiffness) 2x M4x20 HEX head screw - mount screws (swivel mechanism) 2X M4 nut (nyloc nut prefered) - for mount screws (swivel mechanism) 2x M4 screws and nuts for your printer frame (M4x10/12 and T-Nuts for aluminium profiles)

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