Print In Place Quick-Change Toilet Paper / Paper Towel Holder

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Print in place toilet paper or paper towel holder.  I made this for myself after years of people in my household (ok, sometimes me) not mounting the new roll of toilet paper after finishing a roll and just placing it on top of the roller or the back of the toilet for the next person to mount.  The hinge prints in place, so just print it and then work the hinge free. You need two of the Wall mount plates, one for each arm and a couple of drywall screws and anchors to mount it. Mine is printed in PETG with a .6 nozzle and .3 layer heights, but it should work with a .4 nozzle and .2 layer heights.  If you've already got a Toilet Paper roll holder in place I recommend using the wide version as it will mount in such a way as to cover the existing screw holes. I added a second wide wall mount as I noticed the tolerances were a little loose, which you may want to use if you find the wall mount too loose. 

Also available in my Etsy shop if you'd prefer I print it for you:

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Wide - Wall Mount - Tighter Clearances.stl
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Wide - Wall Mount.stl
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Wide - Right Arm.stl
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Wide - Left Arm.stl
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Right Arm.stl
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Left Arm.stl
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Wall Mount.stl
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