Desk work is the cause of ED?

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If you often sit in a chair all day for desk work, be aware of ED (erectile dysfunction) .

It is said that those who work mainly on desk work (= work that keeps sitting for a long time) are more likely to get ED.

This time, I will explain the reasons why desk work is more likely to cause ED and the countermeasures.

Sitting too much leads to ED

Those who work mainly at desk work will be working while sitting for a long time. It is said that if you continue to sit for a long time, the blood vessels around the penis will be compressed and the possibility of ED will increase.

One study found that people with “9 hours or more” had an approximately 85% higher risk of developing ED than those with “less than 5 hours” of sitting time per day. increase.

In the extreme, sitting too much can lead to ED.

Causes of ED at desk work

The cause of ED at desk work is not only that the blood vessels around the penis are compressed by sitting for a long time, resulting in poor blood circulation.

Back pain and lack of exercise can also lead to ED. Lack of exercise causes various problems and eventually leads to ED.

The causes of ED in desk work are as follows.

Causes of ED at desk work

  • Neurological disorders due to low back pain
  • Obesity due to lack of exercise
  • Loss of muscle strength due to lack of exercise
  • Decreased blood flow due to lack of exercise
  • Decrease in male hormones due to lack of exercise

Neurological disorders due to low back pain

Back pain can cause ED.

Back pain is said to be especially common in desk work, and it is said that there is a problem with posture when sitting in a chair facing the desk.

If you sit in a chair for a long time at desk work, no matter how correct your posture is at first, it will gradually collapse. Even if you are careful about your posture, you will unknowingly bend your back and neck and lean forward in an attempt to ease your body.

In this way, when you are in a stooped state, the muscles and ligaments of your lower back are heavily strained, leading to lower back pain.

In the first place, sitting is a big burden on the waist. When you are sitting, your legs are easier, but your lower back is more strained than when you are standing. It is said that the burden on the lower back is about 1.4 times higher when sitting than when standing.

In addition, if you sit still for a long time, the blood flow in your body will be blocked and your lower back muscles will become stiff. Muscle stiffness due to poor blood circulation can also cause back pain.

An erection is a phenomenon that occurs when the brain feels sexual arousal or sexual stimulation, transmitting an erection command to the penis through nerves in the spinal cord and sending a large amount of blood to the corpus cavernosum.

However, when low back pain damages the nerves in the spinal cord, the erection command cannot be transmitted to the penis, making it impossible to get an erection. ED is caused as a result of neuropathy due to back pain.

Obesity due to lack of exercise

Obesity has been shown to increase the risk of developing ED.

If you live a desk-work-centric life, you are more likely to become obese even with dietary restrictions. In recent years, it is said that the number of people who become obese due to lack of exercise is increasing rather than those who become obese due to overeating.

Obesity due to “overeating” is also a problem, but obesity due to “lack of exercise” is even more serious.

People who lack exercise consume less energy on a daily basis, so even the average calorie intake is excessive and they are more likely to become obese.

In addition, obesity leads to diabetes. Diabetes is also known as a major risk factor for ED.

Insufficient exercise can lead to obesity and diabetes, leading to ED.

Loss of muscle strength due to lack of exercise

If you continue to use your lower back muscles as a result of your daily desk work, the strength related to your erection will decrease. In particular, the pelvic floor muscles and the muscles around them are greatly related to erectile power.

When the pelvic floor muscles weaken, it becomes difficult for blood to stay in the corpus cavernosum penis, making it difficult to get an erection, and even if it does, it quickly withers.

One study found that patients with ED pills had less ability to contract the pelvic floor muscles than healthy people.

A decrease in muscle strength such as the pelvic floor muscles due to lack of exercise leads to ED.

Decreased blood flow due to lack of exercise

Lack of exercise not only reduces muscle strength but also reduces blood flow. If your muscles are weak, you will not have enough power to pump blood, and you will be more likely to have poor blood circulation.

Poor blood circulation reduces blood flow to the penis, which is directly linked to ED.

Also, simply sitting for a long time will increase the chances of getting ED by compressing the blood vessels around the penis.

In addition, obesity due to lack of exercise also affects the decrease in blood flow.

Due to the effects of obesity, fat in the blood (blood lipids) increases, and when fat accumulates in the blood vessels, it causes arteriosclerosis. As arteriosclerosis progresses, the blood vessels themselves become thinner.

When the blood vessels that connect to the penis become thinner, the blood flow to the corpus cavernosum of the penis decreases, blood cannot be sent, and the erectile power decreases. As a result, it becomes easier to connect to ED.

Decrease in male hormones due to lack of exercise

Decreased androgens lead to ED.

“Testosterone,” a type of male hormone that is closely related to male functions such as erection, increases the amount of secretion by using muscles.

However, in desk work where you sit and do not move for a long time, your muscles are not used due to lack of exercise, which reduces your daily testosterone production.

Testosterone also decreases with age, so the longer you continue to do desk work-centric work, the higher your risk of developing ED, coupled with lack of exercise.

How to avoid ED even at desk work

There are ways to avoid ED Vidalista pill even if you work mainly at desk work.

By taking the following measures on a daily basis, you will be able to solve problems caused by back pain and lack of exercise to some extent.


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