Action Camera Tripod Revamp


This is a revamp of my original GoPro tripod with a few key features:  Thicker walls on the tripod legs, I went to 2MM to allow for stronger prints.

Made the feet part of the print.

Added a cutout layer on the underside for the bolt hole to allow for easier printing

Added a safety tether attachment to the cover

Added a spin function to the top camera mount

Also, included a 1/4-20 and M6 screw thread on the top camera mount depending on what hardware is easiest available.

I found this tripod very useful for various situations and it came in extremely handy on a trip to Yosemite with friends. The tripod shown was printed in Taulman 910 nylon for an extremely durable print that withstood lots of abuse. I filled the inside with steel shot to increase the weight and improve the stability. 1/4" elastic was used for the safety strap. 

Design Files

File Size

fill funnel.stl
222 KB
tripod main body.stl
1.58 MB
tripod lid.stl
96.4 KB
tripod spin top inch.stl
2.49 MB
tripod spin top metric.stl
2.59 MB


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