Cutting Thread Hobbed Bolt tool V2

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Hobbed Bolt which teeth are cut from the threaded part of the M8 screw have even better grip than tapped one (you can't stop the filament with you fingers). Given that, here it is the hobbing tool. It uses a Dremel drill with a cutting disk of 0.6 mm and a precise position system with 20 steps. The base holds the drill in its purposely designed Dremel threaded hole.

During my tests with hobbed bolt, I figured out that this kind of hobbed bolts tend to push the filament towards the screw threading direction. My new thread cutting tool has the possibility to rotate the screw in order to achieve the right orientation of the cuts and balance the strength component of the slanting thread. It looks that the right cutting angle is about 5° and it is marked with an arrow on the base. Other marks show 15° and 30°.

Old version here:

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Hobbed Bolt Bolt tool 2 Base.obj
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