Wayfarer Random Alien #2 Silrax

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Description The second in my weekly attempt at randomized aliens. You can find the rules pdf and more info in the first entry. SILRAX TECH LEVEL: 5 (Industrial Age) "Evolved from mobile plant life, the Silrax of the planet Thallo are a simple and relatively peaceful species. Natural climbers, the Silrax live in towering "pod cities," architecture infused with the massive clumps of flora that stand amidst a seemingly endless expanse of grassland." ATTRIBUTE ADJUSTMENTS STR/+1, DEX/+0, BUL/+2, AGI/+1, END/+1, REA/+0, PER/+5, WIL/+0, CRE/-2, CHA/-1 TRAITS Acute Sense (Sight) +3, Extra Limbs 2, Natural Armor 6, Skill Adept (Balance) +4, Skill Adept (Climb) +8, Skill Adept (Stealth) +1 PERSONALITY ADJUSTMENTS Openness +0, Conscientiousness +0. Extroversion +4, Agreeableness +1, Neuroticism +3 Also, check in with our weekly podcast, Lost Agency Archives (now on iTunes) as we play Wayfarer and record our general nerdery. http://illgottengames.blogspot.com/p/lost-agency-archives.html

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