Pulse Rifle Blaster

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This is a model I have been working on for a bit now and I think its pretty good... but you'll have to tell me. 

It is designed to have all the parts printed and slipped over a piece of 21.5mm outer diameter PVC pipe that runs the length of the blaster. The main round barrel should be 27mm PVC so you don't have to print that. The bottom pipe should be .5" dowel or aluminum pipe so you don't have to print that. 

You will have to slice the model into halves if you do not want to print with supports on your own but that should be simple enough through meshmixer. 

The entire model is also in there as a single STL if you'd like to print a mini for your statue. JUST SCALE IT TO SIZE!!!

Let me know what you think. 

Happy Printing. 

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Bracket 2.stl
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Ring 1.stl
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Pulse Rifle.stl
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small pipe (2).stl
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stock (1).stl
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trigger guard.stl
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Ring 2.stl
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scope mount 1.stl
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Scope mount 1 2.stl
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scope mount 2.stl
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