Arm Mounted Launcher/Pepper Spray/Flame Thrower

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This device is derivative of the Hadouken from Street Fighter. It allows a person to have the video game power of throwing fireballs. It challenges the idea of letting reality rule your life... THE USE OF THIS DEVICE MAY RESULT IN A DARWIN AWARD USE AT YOUR OWN RISK I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURY OR DAMAGE RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THIS DEVICE IN FACT I DON'T RECOMMEND YOU EVEN USE IT... MOVE ALONG NOTHING TO SEE HERE¤t=video-2010-11-10-17-27-20.mp4 Derivative of Thanks to Sublime for his original Pencil launcher design. This can be strapped to your arm to fire small projectiles or trigger aerosol cans. It is small enough to fit inside of a sleeve. I also remade the firing latch to require more force to trigger. It fires via pullstring. Ideally you would tie the string to a 3d printed ring to place on your finger for triggering. This would ensure that you had to move your hand out of the projectiles path in order to trigger the device. Ie if this is mounted on the bottom of your wrist you would have to pull you wrist back and away from the gun to shoot it ala spider-man. If it's mounted on top of your wrist you would drop your hand away from the gun to fire it.Always use the safety pin from the original pencil launcher to lock the launcher when not planning a shot. MRK 2 Barrel Features Glueless assembly and a reinforced trigger post. Thanks again to sublime for cleaning those latches up for me. MRK 2 Piston features an extended handle for better grip on the safety. MRK 3 Piston features thicker arms for stronger rubber bands and better alignment.

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