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This design is derivative of the game battleship and challenges the notion that board games need a single designer. This is an Open Source parametric game design. The rules change based on the number of players, the desired complexity (depth), and the board shape. I encourage people to come up with their own rules to play and their own Celestial Bodies and Power cards (just be fair). I would also love it if someone could help me model some of the stuff I need to finish the game. (I need connecting and stacking mounts, all of the Celestial Bodies, and artwork for the cards) You use different color 3mm bits of filament as markers and as the pegs found on the bottom of the Celestial Bodies themselves. (The bodies will also have holes in them) The board is generated via parametric script so it can be increased or decreased in size to fine tune your game. I will try to add tabs to it so that we can build non-symmetrical game spaces lego style. The hopeful goal, is to see this game played at hackerspaces and conventions all over. If people like the idea maybe we can start an official League. Thoughts on the game design can be found at

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