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Hero, villain, sorcerer, and savior. Rooster has lived many lives, and is known throughout the Multiverse by a myriad of names. In arcane circles and to the demon host, he is known as Doctor Solomon. To the free tribes of Arboria, he is called Lancelot. Beneath the glittering spires of of the Zyntari Combine, Spider. Throughout Dominion City and its league of worlds, he is Mr. Jackson. Deep in the slums of the Nexus Undercity, stories are told of a drifter called Polecat. To those oppressed by the Tartaran empire, he is sometimes called Godslayer. On his home world of Earth, now a distant memory, he was called Rooster. -This is my iconic character (my proxy in nearly every story I've written or otherwise conceived since I was a kid) and I've been waiting to tackle his design until I felt confident in my ability to do so. Haven't printed him yet, though I'm waiting on a high-def Shapeways print (the artifacts on his face won't be there in the Shapeways render). Character art by my good artist friends, Austen Zaleski and Gustavo Cosio: Seal of Solomon base derived from Albil's awesome model:

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