Lifesize Starscream Crown


If you have ever wanted to do cosplay with a copy of Starscream's crown from the old animated movie than this is the set for you. I ended up printing it in black PLA and spray painting the parts. (I masked areas where the red "gem" pieces would be superglued in order to make a better bond.) My head is rather big so you may need to adjust/scale it to fit yours.  I would print the side parts (left/right) on their sides with one of the tabs down and with supports. The left and right side front gems may be tight enough that you don't need to superglue them on. Print all parts with supports. I used a brim on the gems, front and back. 

Design Files

File Size

Back (repaired).stl
279 KB
Front (repaired).stl
708 KB
FrontGem_Red (repaired).stl
11.1 KB
FrontRightGem_Red (repaired).stl
6.92 KB
Left (repaired).stl
23.2 KB
LeftFrontGem_Red (repaired).stl
6.92 KB
LeftSideTopGem_Red (repaired).stl
7.8 KB
Right (repaired).stl
23.7 KB
RightSideTopGem_Red (repaired).stl
7.8 KB


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