Connect and stackable box system

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I made this box system, that is connectable, and stackable.

I made a few different sizes, and hights.

There might come more different pieces for this system with time. It can be used for a lot of things, also because there is lids to the two normal shaped boxes.

If you have any ideas for more parts I can make. please let me know

It is printet with a layer height 0.25 And with tree support

Design Files

File Size

DRN SC last part of mega.stl
31.2 KB
DRN SC Small but tall.stl
57.1 KB
DRN SC small lid.stl
40.8 KB
DRN SC 1 third hig box.stl
193 KB
DRN SC 3 third hig box.stl
31.6 KB
DRN SC Big lid.stl
43.1 KB
DRN SC box Mega.stl
59.8 KB
DRN SC box small.stl
58.9 KB
DRN SC boxes Big.stl
62.4 KB
DRN SC Half high.stl
61.1 KB


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