3D Printer Electronics Enclosure


I recently changed to Klipper firmware to be able to easily add a second Ramps-Arduino for 12 volt temperature controlled fans. The space next to the printer was a mess so I decided to combine it all into a single enclosure. The current setup is ramps 1.6-mega on the left side and a ramps 1.4-mega on the right side. Raspberry pi is above the ramps 1.4. I also relocated the LCD adapter board to allow cooling for the raspberry pi. If there is interest I can add a case front for 2 ramps 1.6 or 2 ramps 1.4. If you have any questions, please ask. If you print it please post it.


Design Files

File Size

Enclosure top (Meshed).stl
3.92 MB
11x23 screen.stl
764 KB
Double Base.stl
5.15 MB
Enclosure back.stl
3.02 MB
Enclosure front 1_6 1_4.stl
4.35 MB
Enclosure side left.stl
3.69 MB
Enclosure side right.stl
3.69 MB
Fan Guard.stl
3.15 MB
screen 50x7.5 (Meshed).stl
776 KB
Side Screen.stl
1.33 MB


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