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Mod bottom feeder Parallel (only for advanced users) Designed for use with one or two 18650 batteries. It is intended for use with 4 magnets 6mm in diameter and 2mm thick. (But you can place smaller or larger, in any case you would have to edit the mod and the cover.

You can use plates of copper, silver, etc. .. I include the 3d models to have a reference level.

you will need:

a 510 bf connector: https://www.fasttech.com/produ...

a bf silicone bottle: https://www.fasttech.com/produ...

copper or silver plates: https://www.amazon.com/cobre-Grosor-unidades-%C3%BAltima-intervensi%C3%B3n/dp/B07CQPTKDL/ref=sr_1_6?__mk_en_US=%C3%85M%C3% 85% C5% BD% C3% 95% C3% 91 & keywords = copper + strip + 0.5 & qid = 1567935876 & s = gateway & sr = 8-6

4 neodymium magnets 6mm in diameter and 2mm thick: https://www.fasttech.com/produ...

Important: keep in mind when you print, the openwork part for the plates (remove the small supports) because when removing media I do not think you can remove them from the openings.

That being said, it behaves wonderfully printed in PetG, the ideal is to print it or Nylono Alumide.

I hope you enjoy it and look for us as ONA Mods BF. On Facebook

Soon I will upload more models.

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