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These are a bunch of simple generic 25mm tokens that can be used for d&d, pathfinder, or really most tabletop and board games. They are generic enough that you can print them without resizing for 25mm, or 28mm (or 1" and 1.25") grids.

I also added a 25mm "death" token that I use to indicate dead enemies on the field.

I use these in place of enemies, traps, treasures, npcs, etc. that I don't have any minis printed for. The different symbols on the top just help me distinguish between who/what each one is.

How to print:

These tokens are all 3mm high. I printed the full set with 100% infill, but I also printed some with 20% infill. There really aren't enough layers to make much of a difference either way.

How it's made:

I did not put a ton of time or effort into these. I used shape generators and/or basic shapes already in Tinkercad, and placed them into circular and octagonal bases. I did not do any serious design work at all.

Feel free to check out the source and modify it however you like:

Design Files

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octogon - weave.stl
143 KB
octogon - star.stl
10 KB
octogon - hole.stl
3.21 KB
octogon - brick 2.stl
26.4 KB
ocotogon - honeycomb.stl
24.1 KB
all tokens.stl
1.65 MB
circle - basic.stl
12.4 KB
circle - brick 2.stl
59.9 KB
circle - diamond.stl
38.6 KB
circle - fractal.stl
97 KB
circle - hole.stl
25.5 KB
circle - honeycomb.stl
36.2 KB
circle - maze.stl
48.8 KB
circle - snowflake.stl
68.1 KB
circle - star.stl
34.8 KB
circle - terrain.stl
324 KB
circle - voronoi.stl
39.1 KB
circle - weave.stl
207 KB
134 KB
octogon - basic.stl
1.45 KB
octogon - brick 1.stl
207 KB
octogon - diamond.stl
28.1 KB
octogon - fractal.stl
57.6 KB
octogon - maze.stl
17.8 KB
octogon - snowflake.stl
68.8 KB
octogon - terrain.stl
265 KB
octogon - voronoi.stl
22.5 KB


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