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About 25 years ago I met John Sharp and was introduced to Sliceforms. I have made many paper and card sliceforms since, so when I bought a 3D printer they seemed a good thing to make. 

To make the cone print 

1 of cone 0 lower 

1 of cone 0 upper 

2 each of all other pieces 

(18 pieces in total)

Obviously, because of the thickness of the print, the shape does not squash as flat as a paper model would but it is very tactile and makes nice noises. 

See my other sliceforms:



Monkey Saddle:


Link to John Sharp's book

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cone 4 upper.stl
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cone 0 lower.stl
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cone 0 upper.stl
14.7 KB
cone 1 lower.stl
12.2 KB
cone 1 upper.stl
13.9 KB
cone 2 lower.stl
12.2 KB
cone 2 upper.stl
14.7 KB
cone 3 lower.stl
9.46 KB
cone 3 upper.stl
11.2 KB
cone 4 lower.stl
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