Printable Airsoft AR15 (PAAR15) AEG Body kit (08.12.19)

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This project took alot of time and effort.

 As name implies This is a body kit for ar airsoft AEG AR15, that means you get V2 gearbox, ar15 type hopup assembly, barrel, handguard, stock and pistol grip, put it together and viola you have an airsoft gun. (yes it built so that standard AEG parts are compatible, but you can also print everything) That also means you can have it customized or in bright colours if you want. Note that some level of being able to tech is required.

Why on earth you might consider printing this: A. You live in a country where airsoft supply is bad possibly overpriced and importing is a problem. But you can source gearbox, hopup and some tube for external barrel and have printer around. B. Just because printing body kit is cheap and in fact it holds up pretty well. C. Want A super light build low price? That fits. D. Experimenting. E. You want to build a gelblaster.

  • Now a little bit about the E variant.I recieved a ton of messages regarding building a gelblaster from chinese, unlucky europeans and australians. And frankly I don't know if that can fit my components. No one reached to me and said, hey I just built a gelblaster thanks to your components as of yet. If you are really serious about building a gelblaster best thing that you can do is send me it's gearbox and T piece along with barrel... Thanks to your messages I know what that is. =) no, really. Or if you can perfectly draw these in cad. that works too.

If you decided to give it a go, feedback can really help push it forward, fix possible mistakes and generally make it better, so I humbly welcome you here ->

You also can download and request some files there.

If you want support this project, and have more of my designs like these here best thing you can do is to buy a blank reciever. In case if you want it devoid of letters or to put a custom markings on it. I can do that myself or customize it per request If you reach out to me through discord.


I really need to make a video. Next update will be with stock and vid I guess. Printing orientation for recievers is correct, don't touch it, unless you want to rotate it aling Z axis. First print lower. That requires no supports. I recommend applying some pva (If glass bed is used) and start printing. you don't really need heated bed for this one (implying usage of PLA or PETG). It will take about 10 hours depending on wall thickness (1.2-1.6 recommended) infil doesn't matter. then print upper. That part will require supports also, rotate it 180* so the face that meets the barrel is on build plate flat. Make sure you are levelled good. If not your barrel and handguard may end up tilted. After printing the parts clean up areas with overhangs and supports. Depending on brand of your gearbox you may need to sand down protrusion on the back inner face of lower reciever.

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