(Mostly) Print in place flapping swift


Print in place / flexi-wing swift model that flaps its wings when you push the button.  Model size is approx 180mm wingspan, 100mm length and 30mm tall.  STL file contains the lower body with all the wing parts and flapping mechanism, upper body cap with a captured pass-thru button, and 5 assembly pins.  Pins are knurled for a bit of a friction fit but a bit of glue is recommended to secure the model together.  Recommended to print at 0.15mm layer height or better to prevent parts fusing together.  When removing from the build sheet, pull up each wing from the tip first and then the body from the head, avoid directly prying the small beak on either the body or the top cap when removing from the build sheet.  Pictured model printed in about 5 hours on a Prusa MK3, 0.15 layer height, 0.4mm nozzle.

Update:  Added individual files for the Lower body parts (main body, wings, inner plunger), Upper body parts (body cap, pass-thru plunger), and alignment pins to enable easier 2-color prints and a separate build for the small alignment pins that might need a brim to print.

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