"I Love You" Box

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A circular trinket/present box with the words "I LOVE YOU" embossed in the style of Morris/Goudy around the outside. There is a plain lid, or if you prefer, a lid with space for an insert of your loved one's initial printed separately and pressed in. As an alternative to the lettered lid insert, a customised message can be made from any image/drawing maybe a child's drawing or personal message. To make your own lid insert: Make sure your image is square (the more pixels the better) Drop it on http://3dp.rocks/lithophane Set Max Size (MM) = 60, Thickness (MM) = 4, Border (MM) = 1.6, Thinnest layer (MM) = 0.6, Vectors per Pixel = 5, Base/Stand depth = 0, Form = "Flat, mirror Neg.". Then click on the image to download a customised STL insert for your lid.

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