Logans Run Revolver Laser Blaster Prop Replica

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3D Print 1:1 Scale Movie Prop Replica Blaster from the book and film Logans Run.  The design is unique and a hybrid of the film prop and the weapon described in the book by William F. Nolan.  A MUST for Logans Run fan.  The film has become a cult legend and the Prop pistol is an ICON in the SCI FI universe.

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RackMultipart20190817-12909-x5wjdx.zip/dis[;ay 2.jpg
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RackMultipart20190817-12909-x5wjdx.zip/dis[;ay 4.jpg
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RackMultipart20190817-12909-x5wjdx.zip/Display 1.jpg
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RackMultipart20190817-12909-x5wjdx.zip/Display 3.jpg
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RackMultipart20190817-12909-x5wjdx.zip/display 5.jpg
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RackMultipart20190817-12909-x5wjdx.zip/Display 6re.JPG
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RackMultipart20190817-12909-x5wjdx.zip/Final 2.jpg
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RackMultipart20190817-12909-x5wjdx.zip/Logans gun 3.jpg
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RackMultipart20190817-12909-x5wjdx.zip/Logans Gun Revolver version 1 Final.stl
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RackMultipart20190817-12909-x5wjdx.zip/Logans Gun Revolver version 1 POST.obj
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RackMultipart20190817-12909-x5wjdx.zip/Logan's pistol 1.jpg
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RackMultipart20190817-12909-x5wjdx.zip/Logan's revolver 1.jpg
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RackMultipart20190817-12909-x5wjdx.zip/Logans Run image1.jpg
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RackMultipart20190817-12909-x5wjdx.zip/Logans run sketch ure.JPG
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RackMultipart20190817-12909-x5wjdx.zip/READ ME Measurements 3D Print.txt
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RackMultipart20190817-12909-x5wjdx.zip/revolver 2.JPG
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