Champions of Midgard Board Game Organizer

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Organizer for the Champions of Midgard base game, Valhalla expansion, and a few bits from The Dark Mountains expansion. Designed to be stored upright in the retail (non-Kickstarter) box for the base game.

Since my family plays almost exclusively with the Valhalla expansion, and since it was quite difficult to fit all components from both expansions in the base box, this organizer holds all base game components, all Valhalla expansion exponents, and a few The Dark Mountains components. The list of The Dark Mountains components NOT included in the design of this organizer are listed below.

Special printing/usage instructions:

-- DeepCardTray = Print two; one is used for Monster cards, while the other is used for Valkyire Blessing cards, Epic Monster cards, and longships. These trays and all following trays are designed to fit sleeved cards (Fantasy Flight).

-- LargeCardTray = Print two, one each for Troll cards and Draugr cards.

-- SmallCardTray = Print four, one each for Destiny cards, Rune cards, Journey cards, and Merchant Ship cards (plus Starting Player token).

-- SmallDiceTray & SmallDiceLid = Print three, one each for Axemen dice, Berserker dice, and Shieldwarrior dice.

-- LargeDiceTray = Print two, one each for Swordsmen dice and Spearmen dice.

The DiceBrace is used between the stacks of dice trays and the LargeCardTray to prevent jostling when stored upright. Similarly, the UpperBrace prevents the board from tilting (thus spilling some pieces beneath) when the game is stored upright. Note that, when folded for storage, the game board is not quite square, so the organizer is sensitive to its orientation.

The following components from The Dark Mountains expansion are NOT included in the organizer: -- Expanded market stall board -- Dark Mountains board -- Archer dice -- Bergrisar cards -- Land Journey cards -- Geirrod Epic Monster card -- Six Valkyrie Blessing cards (all those with Bowmen sacrifice tokens shown) -- Bowmen sacrifice tokens -- 100-point tokens -- Roving Rangers market stall tile -- Skidbladnir private longship -- Liberator and Odin's Fletcher Destiny cards -- One Burial Ground tile -- Quick reference guide tile -- Four coins (due to space constraints)

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