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GRS stands for GeekyRaptorStudios.

This is going to be a PC game character that I will be including in a Game set in a virtual world. This virtual world will have access to sub dimensions and have similar features to the rune factory, sims 2, and stardew valley as well as building features added. Hopefully I can make this game a reality.

I might be guilty of getting inspiration from minecraft's enderman, It is quite similar, but hopefully not a blatant ripoff. 

It's best printed upside down as it takes a lot less time to print that way, beware though, the neck is somewhat fragile and if you have a printer like mine that bears down hard while printing the arms it snaps the neck in half resulting in a failed print. My solution to this issue? Add supports around the neck and under the arms to alleviate stress on the thin neck of the model. After adding these supports and having a larger infill ratio with extra wall line count It printed like a dream!

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