Our first esk8 rack (you can hang your board vertically)

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Esk8ers need proper storage solutions for storing their boards, chargers and the wire mess should be eliminated ! Here we introduce our first solution setup, 2 pieces for you to hang your esk8 or skateboard on front wheels.. 1 piece for the charger mount.. It can carry 22Kg + a cat of load !!!

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Please go to the Youtube channel Kanber M.S. and see if Kanber could explain this or not :)

**Thurbolt is a small start-up with huge dreams!!

**We are currently building custom skateboard & esk8 decks, esk8 storage systems, custom electronics.. Check them out on www.thurbolt.com , instagram @thurbolt, youtube Kanber M.S.

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Esk8 rack right .STL
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Esk8 Rack Charger plate.STL
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Esk8 rack left.STL
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