Watch winder v2


Watch Winders are devices that keep self-winding automatic watches running when not worn. They are a popular, necessary tool for watch collectors. Automatic watches use mechanical movements, powered by a rotor or weight that uses gravity and the constant motion of the wrist. The watch winders slowly spin the watch some minutes per day, keeping it charged. But these devices are rather expensive!

I offer you one on a low budget! And it's very simple to assemble!

This Watch Winder rotates for 10 minutes every 50 minutes (Cycle mode: 10minutes On/50minutes Off).

You need only: 

- n.1 DC 12V Power Adapter (±5.00$)* 

- n.1 Timer delay rele 12V with 'Cycle Mode' (±4,50$)* 

- n.1 DC 12v Synchronous motor 5rpm (±6,00$)* 

- n.2 Cable ties 

*(You can bought them on amazon or ebay)

1. You have to block the engine with two cable ties on the 'Body_2.stl' (as in the picture). 

2. Then insert the 'Body_3.stl' on the engine and block it with some glue. 

3. Connect the wires like in the photos.

4. Mount the winder as in the photos.

(I glued some velvet on the 'body_4' to better lock the watch in place)

Print info: 

Resolution 0.30 - No rafts - Supports only for 'Body_2' - Infill 30%

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