Sand filled Bookshelf Speaker Box

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A Speaker Box made of plastic cannot sound very good due the walls of the box will resonate a unharmonious way....

Therefor this one has hollow walls that can be filled with sand :-). It makes the box heavy and stops the walls resonating.

The incorporated Horn makes the little speaker sound much louder

the parts needed for one Box:

1X inside L.stl

1X inside R.stl

1X outside L.stl

1X outside R.stl

2X sand lid.stl

After gluing it together it's filled with sand. I took it from my garden. Finer and dryer sand is better. After filling the hole can be closed with the “sand lids”. Please see the Photos.

The the Speaker can go in next. The wire to the Speaker gos trough the special tube. The Tube is made airtight by gluing it shut.

Later the Blue Paint was applied for a smoother look.

At 100% size the dimensions of the Box are 170 x 120 x 100 mm. The Bore for the Speaker has a diameter of 60 mm. The mounting holes for the screws are 50 mm apart from each other. The depth of the Speaker chamber is about 77 mm.

Of course the Box is scalable to let it fit a Speaker with different installation size. At a resize of 110% the bore for the Speaker is 66 mm. 120% =72 mm, 130%=78mm,140%=84mm, 150%=90mm, etc.

Tested with an resolution of 0,2mm and a Nozzle of 0.4mm.

With the settings :

3 Wall layers, 4 Top & Bottom Layers, Infill 20% and a Skirt of 2 lines you should need

52 hours and 492 gram of material.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :-)

Design Files

File Size L.stl
5 MB R.stl
1.45 MB R.stl
4.01 MB L.stl
1.38 MB lid.stl
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