A simple wooden house for living for the rural population. So we could describe our creation today. He has everything he needs. Floor, four walls and roof. Everything is complemented by a small playpen to protect the cattle. So what do you think? Will you print it?

Our printed size in the photo has a base of about 13x8cm. How big but ultimately it's up to you. It is suitable for exhibitions and children to play in.

The model comes from the hands of 3D printers and all kinds of production. If you are interested in our profile, check out our site or facebook to find out more about us. We will be glad to have any feedback from our work.


Printed on FDM printer. Two perimeters. Used brown, black and gold PLA. The layer height was 0.2 and the nozzle 0.4. Nothing is stuck or screwed. Simple and fast production.

Design Files

File Size

dum celej dum.obj
617 KB
dum dvere.obj
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dum podlaha.obj
9.9 KB
dum ohrada.obj
54.3 KB
dum strecha.obj
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